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Smartphone as a mobile IP camera and barcode scanner

The new G-Core/SmartphoneConnect technology from Geutebrück enables the fast capture of video images, barcodes and QR codes. This data can be easily captured via smartphone and transmitted in real time to the G-Core video management system via a W-LAN or LTE network. This innovative Geutebrück solution represents an ideal tool for damage documentation in companies or organizations of any size. Smartphone, mobile app as well as the hardware server are linked to fixed cameras installed, for example, at access roads and delivery gates. The unique feature of the solution is the security aspect. 
Due to the one-way mobile-to-server connection, it is not possible to access video data that is already on the server (e.g., from other stationary cameras) with the smartphone. Thus, we guarantee highest data security even in case of smartphone loss. 

Unique solution with a wide range of applications

  • In mobile data capture
  • For check-in/check-out processes
  • For generic track-and-trace tasks

This is how the new Geutebrück solution works

By installing the SmartphoneConnect mobile app on Android OS smartphones, the devices can be used as mobile cameras. To generate smooth transmission between the smartphone and the G-Core server, the SmartphoneConnect service (Windows Server) is used with an associated application that provides a user interface for managing and setting up this service. Events and alarms can now be sent directly from the SmartphoneConnect service to the G-Core server. For the transmission of video images, an IP camera plug-in is also part of the solution. In addition, further information can be added to the video footage directly via the smartphone, e.g., comments on the image and video recordings.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Low acquisition costs compared to other solutions, due to widespread use of Android smartphones
  • Flexible coverage of all areas not covered by stationary cameras
  • High protection against misuse through authorization processes
  • Tamper- and court-proof GBF format
  • Maximum data protection and security

Smartphone as barcode scanner for efficient process documentation

The smartphone offers many advantages as a barcode scanner, especially in goods logistics. For example, when goods are delivered, the barcode can be scanned flexibly at any point on the pallet using a smartphone. In addition to the details of the goods, a picture and the condition of the goods are also recorded on the G-Core server and documented in a court-proof manner. As a sign of successful capture, a beep and/or vibration is generated by the smartphone and a pop-up window appears on the display with a request to scan more barcodes. At the same time, the scanned barcode data is transmitted to G-Core in real time and can be used there for further processing.

Damage documentation

Whether in goods logistics, in public places, on your own company premises or in means of transport, damage can occur anywhere. To document the damage and to record the origin as well as the causer, the use of the unique Geutebrück solution G-Core/SmartphoneConnect is ideal.

Quality documentation

Quality documentation is especially important for parcel and assembly service providers. With G-Core/SmartphoneConnect, location-independent, mobile, doubtless, and complete documentation is possible. Parcel carriers can prove their proper delivery by documenting delivery time and location.

De-escalation and prevention

In certain situations, for example in moments with direct customer contact, the solution can be used for de-escalation prevention. Situations are first observed. If necessary, trained personnel are then sent to intervene and have a de-escalating effect on persons involved.


Documented process steps or recorded individual cases can be optimally used for training and coaching purposes. New employees can be trained and familiarized efficiently. Experienced employees can also optimize their work processes through video documentation.

Maximum data security

An important issue when using smartphones to increase efficiency in all industries is data protection and data security. The SmartphoneConnect mobile app serves only as an image and data source, so no access to stored data is possible via the smartphone. Both the registration of the smartphone on the server and the registration or authorization of users on the smartphone are necessary for the use of the device as an image source. Thus, we provide a high level of protection against unauthorized access and use, even if the smartphone is lost. All data is stored and processed in compliance with GDPR. 

Mobile data acquisation and video documentation – gapless track & trace



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